Musicweek Playlist

Musicweek Playlist

The Playlist, August 29th 2014

This week's best music from the UK industry's tastemakers.

Charli XCX / Break The Rules

LABEL: Asylum Records / CONTACT: Claire Coster: claire.coster@atlanticrecords.co.uk

Blossoms / Blow

LABEL: Skeleton Key Records / CONTACT: Sarah Henderson: sarah@murraychalmers.com

FEMME / High

LABEL: / CONTACT: Hannah Braid: hannah@swellpublicity.com

Love Inks / Regular Lovers

LABEL: Republic Of Music / CONTACT: Frankie Davison: frankie@stereosanctity.co.uk

Christopher Owens / Never Wanna See That Look Again

LABEL: Turnstile / CONTACT: Lisa Birch: lisa.birch@dawbell.com

astronomyy / Nothin On My Mind

LABEL: Lunar Surf / CONTACT: Jon Wilkinson: jon@technique-pr.com

Lowell / I Love You Money

LABEL: Arts & Crafts / CONTACT: Craig Thomas: craig@murraychalmers.com

Harper / Velvet

LABEL: ICU label / CONTACT: Jenna Lee: jenna@jennaleepr.com

M.O / Dance On My Own

LABEL: Operator Records / CONTACT: Karim Khan: karim.khan@lucidonline.co.uk

Girl Band / I Love You

LABEL: Any Other City Records / CONTACT: Ellie Clarke: ellie@prescriptionpr.co.uk