Music Week Presents: AXEL JANSSON

Music Week Presents: AXEL JANSSON

‘Two of A Kind’ is about the compromises made in a relationship between two people, each waiting for the other to make the first move. In this digital world that we live in we seem to have forgotten how to communicate and treat each other to the point where both parties end up hurting and holding grudges – all because they didn’t talk. This song is about that journey shared by two people who are attracted to each other yet never quite seem to be on the same page.’ Axel Jansson.
Two Of A Kind is the second single by Swedish born, gravel toned singer/songwriter Axel Jansson. His debut single Shine was premiered by The Sun and Axel was then featured in The Metro, OK! Magazine, The Mirror and The Huffington Post and interviewed for TV on ITV’s pop show ‘Scrambled’ and London Live TV. Axel has performed at MIDEM, on the Coffee House Sessions tour, Busk The Box and I Luv Live. Performing LBC Summer Festival 11th June. Click here for more details.

Axel performed with Eastender’s star Shona McGarty in a show at Century Club and the two are hoping to work together in the future. Now a London resident, Axel is currently finishing his debut album and will be performing at shows across the country throughout 2016.


Sounds Like: UNIQUE

Single:  TWO OF KIND

Release date:  29TH JULY

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Upcoming tour dates:

16th July - world end

9th July - The Saturday sessions MAU MAU BAR.


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