Music Week Presents: Fancy Cars

Music Week Presents: Fancy Cars

The new single by Fancy Cars, “Heart of Stone (feat. Foy)”, has just been released and looks set to further establish the Los Angeles-based electronic production duo as a fresh, progressive future outfit.

Alan Notkin and Brandon Paddock, have flitted between vocalists on a track-by-track basis, and have previously worked with SVRCINA, Neil Ormandy and Bazzi. Their previous single, “Set Me On Fire”, was their fourth production and Paddock’s debut vocal performance. He has previously worked as an engineer and producer with Avril Lavigne and Christina Perri, for which he received two RIAA Platinum Awards; while Notkin has been producing for various electronic music projects and bands for the past ten years.

‘Heart of Stone’ featuring guest vocalist Foy is sonically spectacular. The production is diligent with the soulful and melodic vocals exuding a “never-ending-spring-break” spirit whilst the lyrics resonate with the duo's seeming fascination with cars.

"Heart of Stone ft. Foy" is out now via Majestic Casual Records. Listen below.

Artist:  Fancy Cars

Genre:  Electronic

Sounds Like: Major Lazer, Chainsmokers, Jack U, Eza, Xylo, and Calvin Harris.

Single name: “Heart of Stone ft. Foy”

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