Music Week Presents: Maiah Manser

Music Week Presents: Maiah Manser

Maiah Manser’s new single “Second Skin” is a noir-pop powerhouse. The boldly creative and unique vocal techniques serve as the song's tonal hook, dragging you through waves of airy noise. Maiah’s bluesy vocals overlay the subtlest of palm-muted guitar accompaniments, all the way padded with spiky square wave synth textures.

Maiah says about the song, "Taking many inspirations from the novel Dracula, I explored the meaning of what it is to have a second skin in this yearning love song. Whether this defines emotional armour or making one stronger, a second skin is a part of every human process".

But songwriting isn't Manser’s only talent; it seems she also has an aptitude when selecting producers for remix duties. Finding Swiss producer Wassily was nothing short of a masterstroke. Wassily understands the song’s structure and its strengths adding his dreamy jazz and funk beats to build on the original.

Tune in to Maiah Manser’s Second Skin (Wassily Remix) below.


Artist:  Maiah Manser

Genre: Noir-pop

Single name: “Second Skin” (Wassily Remix)

Link to Maiah Manser Facebook: 

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Link to Wassily Soundcloud:

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Upcoming tour dates:        

17 November - Seattle, WA - KEXP Gathering Space (for the Community Partnership Benefit Concert)

9 December - Seattle, WA - Freakout Festival

Label: Freakout Records

Producer: Buddy Ross


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