Music Week Presents: Podgy Figures

Music Week Presents: Podgy Figures

Following his high octane single ‘Mad Ting’ featuring Bonkaz, Acton’s most important export Podgy Figures is now set to release his debut EP ‘Gingerbread Season’, produced by the beat-making legend Zeph Ellis aka Dot Rotten.

With acclaimed producers like Dot Rotten behind the buttons, ‘Gingerbread Season’ plays host to Podgy’s ever evolving diversity. High energy tracks such as ‘Gassed’ contrast perfectly with the downtempo ‘Anthem’; a brooding departure from the hard, rave-ready records. The unsettling instrumental paints images of dark city streets, which we are led through by Podgy’s introspective lyrics, displaying a more somber side to the artist. ‘Turn Me Up’ is another track where we hear Podgy laying down a strikingly honest and sincere image of the hard road he’s travelled, where the emotion is further brought to life by Angel’s smooth R&B hooks, bringing a new energy and trap influences that turns this record into a certified club banger. Both humorous and light-hearted, ‘Wrap Up’ is a trademark single from the Acton native, where he and Ellis further show why theirs is a winning partnership. The jovial track is testament to who Podgy is an artist and the perfect way to close the project.

A multi-faced talent, Podgy Figures has come through poverty to start up his own fashion line Gingerbread Clothing, radio station Podgy FM 91.5, and has garnered acclaim from likes of The 405, Clash, Complex and GRM Daily. His ability to craft an EP that brings dance-floor energy and self-reflection, whilst staying true to grime’s gritty London routes mirrors that of the greats and will no doubt cause heads to turn this summer.

Artist:  Podgy Figures

Genre: Hip Hop/grime

EP: GingerBread Season

Release date: 5/7/2017

Link to Website: 

Link to Twitter profile page: Podgy Figures

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Management: Seeking

Press: Outpost Media –

Booking Agent: Seeking

Label: Seeking

Publisher: Seeking

A&R recruiter: Seeking

Radio Plugger: Seeking

Producer: Zeph Ellis (Dot Rotten)

Recording at: Gingerbread Records Studios

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