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stunnah gee

Stunnah Gee, also known as Felix Olajide Omolafe, takes inspiration from a unique blend of western influences and legendary west African musical heavyweights such as Fela Kuti, Fuse ODG & William Oneyearbor. Stunnah Gee briefly relocated to Nigeria in 2015 and quickly became part of the new wave of Afrobeat stars. However, he became frustrated by the lack of available structured pathways to commercial success and returned to the UK with a vision. He wants to share his music and shape the afrobeat music industry to ensure new talent doesn’t go unheard in the future.

Despite the success of his previous hit single Dengeme (Remix) featuring BET award nominee & Sony signed afrobeat legend Davido, Stunnah Gee’s follow up single International Girl looks set to eclipse Dengeme’s impact and establish Stunnah Gee as an global star. International Girl adopts an internationally accessible direction, blending AfroBeats, pop, moombahton with a touch of reggae. Stunnah Gee is best known by the music he released over the last 3 years which criss-crosses the African continent and cuts through the music genre that is now known as AfroBeats.

Artist: Stunnah Gee

Genre: Afrobeats/Pop/Moombahton

Single name: “International Girl”

Release date: Friday 10th of November

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Contact: Kate Whitmarsh -

Management: Seeking 

Press: Space Promotions

Booking Agent: Seeking 

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Publisher: Seeking

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Producer: P2j and Tizze The Beatmaker

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