Alberta Cross feature in new Ketel One Vodka campaign

Alberta Cross feature in new Ketel One Vodka campaign

Acclaimed director, David O. Russell - the man behind films such as Three Kings and The Fighter - has created the campaign's three commercials, which focus on the sophistication and camaraderie shared between modern Ketel One consumers.

Alberta Cross make an appearance in a bar setting in one of the three commercials, as a group of friends enjoy a private concert at an exclusive underground club. Longer form music videos from the ad set are also available at the brand's Facebook page.

The three 30-second ad spots are all sound tracked by Money for the Weekend, a new single from the band's upcoming album which makes its debut as part of this campaign.

"Ketel One has always been one of our top drink choices on the road, so it's fantastic to feel the mutual love," said the band's singer Petter Ericson Stakee.

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