All four majors back another new Spotify rival

All four majors back another new Spotify rival

Eight additional markets including the USA, Canada and Mexico will be covered later this week by the ad-free, browser based service, which offers access to more than 10 million tracks from just 99p/99c per month.

The service, powered by Omnifone, is aimed specifically at the mass market who still use CDs and want an easier way to adopt digital music - hence the use of a simple, browser-based platform rather than the app approach that the likes of Deezer and Spotify have taken so far.

rara.com has secured international licensing agreements with Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music and Warner Music Group. It also claims to have partnered with leading independents - but has come under fire from Merlin boss Charles Caldas, who says he was approached as an afterthought by the company.

The service will also be pre-loaded on the vast majority of European HP PCs, the world's No.1 PC brand and rara.com affiliate. It will also be available on Android, iOS and other platforms.

"Uniquely, you can experience access to all the music you want, ad-free, for less than the price of a single track," said Tim Hadley, rara.com director.

"Whether you're into Gaga or Elgar, rara.com is a new kind of streaming music service which makes accessing the music you love online easier and more delightful than ever; type rara.com into your web browser and you have a world of music at your fingertips."

Backing from the major labels, however, is clear. Rob Wells, president of Global Digital Business for Universal Music Group, said "rara.com has delivered a music service that taps into an entirely new type of music consumer."

"Instead of competing with existing digital music services, it's designed for the mass market of consumers who have yet to do digital music at all."

"Growing the audience for digital music around the world requires services that resonate with the mass market. rara.com has been designed with broad consumer appeal in mind with a simple interface that provides a great music experience and accessibility across a range of devices," added Michael Paull, Executive Vice President, Global Digital Business, Sony Music Entertainment.

"rara.com is a great new way for a whole new audience of fans to find, listen to and share music online, building deeper connections with the artists they love and discovering a world of new music as well," said Mark Piibe, executive vice president - Global Business Development at EMI Music.

"The intuitive and thoughtfully designed interface combined with the curated channels makes rara.com a service that will be accessible and appealing to a wide audience and, potentially, an entry point for many people just starting the transition to digital music." said Stephen Bryan, executive vice president of Digital Strategy and Business Development, Warner Music Group.

rar.com will do battle in a crowded streaming music market that now includes Deezer, Spotify, Google Music, We 7, Rhapsody and Rdio.


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