Amanda Palmer to pay guest musicians after all

Amanda Palmer

Fan-funded musician Amanda Palmer has decided to pay all guest musicians who play with her on tour.

Palmer has faced sustained criticism from musicians and media after asking local musicians in stops on her tour to join her on stage for free.

Following a request from the female singer/songwriter for “professional-ish horns and strings” to join her on stage “for a couple of tunes" in exchange for "beer and merch", the internet blew up - with responses criticising her decision after she raised $1.2m from fans via a Kickstarter album campaign.

Despite initially opposing the move, yesterday afternoon Palmer posted a blog in which she says "for better or for worse, this whole kerfuffle has meant i've spent the past week thinking hard about this, listening to what everyone was saying and discussing.

“I hear you. I see your points. Me and my band have discussed it at length. and we have decided we should pay all of our guest musicians. we have the power to do it, and we’re going to do it. (in fact, we started doing it three shows ago.)"

Palmer explains that her management team “tweaked and reconfigured financials”: “pulling money from this and that other budget (mostly video) and moving it to the tour budget to go to the crowd-sourced musicians fund.”


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