YouTube's 'top' channels generate $23,000 in ad revenue per month


The average Top 1000 YouTube Channel receives $23,000 net each month in ad revenue.

According to analysis from OpenSlate, which also says that the top 1,000 YouTube channels receive an average annual ad payout of $276,000 - and the highest-performing can make six figures a year.

The statistics showed that more than one million YouTubers run ads on their content overall. In the past 30 days, the top 1,000 generated more than 87 million social interactions (including comments, favorites, and ratings) on the site.

The data also sheds light on YouTube's premium content project, known as Original Channels. Despite only existing on YouTube since as early as 2007, 23 of the 100 Original Channels made it into the top 1,000 in under a year.

The Music category makes up 25% of the Top 1000 overall.

Source: ReadWriteWeb


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