BBC to appoint 'arts supremo' to oversee music output

Tom Pakinkis
Lord Hall

The BBC will expand its arts and music output in 2014 with a newly appointed ‘arts supremo’ executive put in place to lead the way.

BBC director general Lord Tony Hall (pictured) described the position to the Financial Times as being for someone “who [he] can turn to for great ideas, who can help build relationships with the arts and artists on TV, radio and online, and be a best friend to channel controllers.”

After taking the director general role at the BBC in March last year, Lord Hall pledged to increase arts coverage funding by 20% in October, with a larger presence for live music across the network mentioned specifically.

The FT says that BBC viewers can expect to see high-profile artists appear on their televisions more often as well as UK arts institutions, with the DG saying that the company has so far “underplayed its strengths in music and arts”.

Alongside the 20% funding increase, the BBC announced a new ‘BBC Arts at…’ brand and TV series.

"Arts programming sits right at the heart of the BBC and is a vital part of who we are,” Lord Hall said in October. “But I want us to to be much more ambitious.”

"We need to showcase more of the incredible talent that this country has to offer to the widest possible audiences."


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