Bespoke Heavy Metal soundtrack for video game announced

Bespoke Heavy Metal soundtrack for video game announced

Former Fear Factory members Raymond Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers, along with Damageplan's Pat Lachman, Static X's Wayne Static, Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta, Deftones' Stephen Carpenter, Strapping Young Lad's Jed Simon and Devil Driver's John Boecklin worked together to produce three tracks for the soundtrack, which also features music from groups including Slipknot, Backyard Babies, Queens of the Stone Age and Rise Against.

The as-yet unnamed super-group became involved in producing music for the game through Herrera, who co-manages gaming music company 3volution Productions in the US.

Deep Silver originally approached his company to help broker licensing deals for the game, but after hearing about its concept, Deep Silver senior brand manager Malte Wagener says Herrera worked with his company to hand-pick the musicians for the unique collaboration.

"All the guys were chosen on the strength of their musical style and ability. Because they are friends with each other it was quite easy to convince them to do it," he explains.

"Over the last year or so it has become very common for racing games to feature heavy rock and metal bands, as the soundtrack is the ideal background for the crazy speed of the game, helping to create a more intense experience for the player."

The three new songs, Count for Something, Through Walls of Flame and Decimator, appear in a variety of promotional trailers for the game, which is set for worldwide release in October through Xbox.

A Deep Silver spokesman says the company is also investigating the possibility of releasing a soundtrack album of music from the game, depending on nail'd's success.

"Music will definitely be used as one of the main marketing strategies for nail'd," he says, adding that although the genre may not be to everyone's taste, for fans the uniqueness of the soundtrack will help to get the game to stand out from its competitors.

"Hopefully it will even get fans of the bands to connect with the game," he continues. "And if we get the feeling there is definitely an interest in the music then we will release the soundtrack as a stand-alone album. However, so far we only plan to release the music as a give away at our trade show in the US."


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