Coldplay to release singles boxed set

The Singles 1999 - 2006, which is released on March 26, will contain five singles which have never previously appeared on vinyl - 1999's The Blue Room EP; 2006 download-only single The Hardest Part; and international singles Don't Panic; God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and What If.

Each single will be pressed on heavyweight vinyl and sleeved in its original artwork. The set will not be released on CD.

The full tracklisting runs:

'The Blue Room EP' (original UK release date 25/10/1999)
Disc 1
A.         Bigger Stronger
B1.       Don't Panic
B2.       See You Soon
Disc 2
A.         High Speed
B.         Such A Rush

'Shiver' (06/03/2000)
A.         Shiver
B1.       For You
B2.       Careful Where You Stand

'Yellow' (26/06/2000)
A.         Yellow
B.         Help Is Around The Corner

'Trouble' (13/10/2000)
A.         Trouble
B.         Brothers & Sisters

'Don't Panic' (Single not released in UK)
A.         Don't Panic
B.         You Only Live Twice (Live From Norway)

'In My Place' (05/08/2002)
A.         In My Place
B.         One I Love

'The Scientist' (11/11/2002)
A.         The Scientist
B1.       1.36
B2.       I Ran Away

'Clocks' (24/03/2003)
A.         Clocks
B.         Crests Of Waves

'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face' (Single not released in UK)
A.         Got Put A Smile Upon Your Face
B.         Murder
'Speed of Sound' (23/05/2005)
A.         Speed Of Sound
B.         Things I Don't Understand

'Fix You' (05/09/2005)
A.         Fix You
B.         The World Turned Upside Down

'Talk' (19/12/2005)
A.         Talk
B.         Gravity

'What If' (Single not released in UK)
A.         What If (Tom Lord Alge Mix)
B.         How You See The World (Live From Earls Court)

'The Hardest Part' (10/04/2006 download-only release)
A.         The Hardest Part
B.         Pour Me (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)


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