Digital Economy Act delayed yet again

Tom Pakinkis
Digital Economy Act three-strikes

The first letters of warning sent to internet users suspected of piracy under the Digital Economy Act won’t be sent until the latter half of 2015, the Government has confirmed.

It’s the latest in a number of delays for the implementation of the DEA, which came into effect in 2010.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport outlined a lengthy wait for DEA action last year, with three-strikes letters not expected until 2014, but it was revealed in February this year that the notifications might not make an appearance until early 2015.

Now not expected until the latter half of 2015, the continued delay of DEA implementation is likely to further frustrate copyright-holders battling the effects of piracy on their business.

However, the Internet Service Providers’ Association has told the BBC that it expected the latest delay, suggesting it is yet more evidence of ‘rushed legislation’.

"The continued delay of the Digital Economy Act again shows, as Ispa argued at the time, that the legislation was rushed through without sufficient scrutiny," it said.

"To most effectively tackle the issue of online copyright infringement, Ispa maintains the content industry needs to continue to innovate to fully embrace the benefits the internet affords though fully licensed and user-friendly services."

Via: BBC


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