Foos score Adele chart-topping double

Paul Williams
Foos score Adele chart-topping double

Although Wasting Light is the band's third UK number one, it is their first in the USA. It sold 235,000 copies last week, emphatically defeating 21, which drifts to number two, albeit with a slight increase in sales week-on-week to 93,000.

However, 21 is a shoe-in to return to number one next week. With no real new rivals on the horizon and Foo Fighters in line for a 60-65% dip week-on-week, it was already on course to do so, and has subsequently been given two major boosts by TV exposure of covers. On Monday, Gwyneth Paltrow made her third visit of the season to Glee, and sang a surprisingly good cover of Turning Tables, a track off the 21 album. Paltrow's version and Adele's instantly started tracking high sales on iTunes, and both should be in the top half of the Hot 100 a week hence. Then, on Wednesday, Haley Reinhart - one of only two female contestants left among the last seven contenders for the 10th season of American Idol - gave an impassioned version of Rolling In The Deep on the show. Adele's original - which jumps 10-6 on the Hot 100 this week - instantly catapulted to the top of the iTunes chart. With so many people hearing Turning Tables and Rolling In The Deep, sales of 21 are bound to increase dramatically week-on-week.

Foo Fighters' album sold more copies last week than the other three Top 10 debuts added together. For the record they are: Paper Airplane by Alison Krauss & Union Station (number three, 83,000 sales); So Beautiful Or So What by Paul Simon (number four, 68,000 sales); and Drama Y Luz by Mexican band Mana (number five, 47,000 sales). It is Simon's 12th Top 10 album Krauss' third and Mana's second.

Two albums by British acts that were in the Top 10 last week suffer big declines. Radiohead's King Of Limbs slumps 3-23, while Yorkshire metalcore band Asking Alexandria's Reckless & Relentless dives 9-48. Mumford & Son do not go in for such dramatics and drift 8-10, spending their 14th week in the Top 10, and their 56th in the Top 200 with Sigh No More.

Jessie J just misses out on a Top 10 debut, with Who You Are selling just over 1,000 copies fewer than Sigh No More to enter at number 11. First single Price Tag is picking up pace on the Hot 100, where it jumps 40-24 this week.

Liverpudlian R&B singer Marsha Ambrosius continues to do well with her first solo album Late Nights & Early Mornings falling 30-38 on its seventh week on the list. Ambrosius' single Far Away makes modest gains on sales and airplay to reach a new Hot 100 peak, climbing three notches to number 83.

Elsewhere on the Hot 100, Mumford & Sons' The Cave and Tinie Tempah's Written In The Stars are static, at 64 and 14 respectively.

There is a new number one, with Katy Perry's E.T. knocked off the top by her pal Rihanna's S&M. It is Rihanna's 10th number one - and, according to Billboard, at 23 she is the youngest artist to reach double figures. S&M is the third number one single from Rihanna's latest album, Loud, following Only Girl (In The World) and What's My Name. Despite that, Loud itself has charted no higher than number three, with sales to date of 1,181,000 - yet in the UK, where S&M has fallen short of the summit, the album has higher sales of 1,313,000.

US album sales last week, at 6.32m, were a whopping 15.75% above same-week 2010 sales, reducing their year-to-date deficit to just 2.88% (90.02m versus 92.69m). So far this year, single track downloads are up 8.27% from 356.84m to 386.35m. And store singles, which looked in danger of disappearing altogether, have also rallied, with sales climbing 38% year-on-year from 542,000 to 748,000. US industry observers translate 10 single sales into one album sale, so on that basis, overall sales this year are 128.662m (90.02m + 38.635m + 0.007m), compared to 128.379m (92.69 + 35.684m = 0.005m) last year. On that basis sales have INCREASED by 0.22%. It is not much, and does not even begin to repair the damage done in the last few years but it is a move in the right direction, and the first time that year-on-year sales have grown since 2004.


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