Global Repertoire Database 'first release' now scheduled for 2015

Tom Pakinkis

Progress on the creation of a Global Repertoire Database has “moved ahead strongly over the past 12 months” but is now on course for a 2015 launch, rather than the 2014 roll-out initially reported.

In August last year, writing in a submission to Richard Hooper’s Copyright Works report on streamlining licensing in the UK, MP Mark Isherwood tipped “an operational GRD” for Q2 2014, “although there will be long period of the loading of data from participants.”

The GRD was described by Isherwood as having “some data” from international music rights society groups.

However, a new release from PRS for Music, which is leading the project, says that the “first release” of the database is due in 2015.

The GRD development process saw both the completion of the Scoping Study and the commencement of the Requirements and Design Phase in 2012, with important milestones for the project coming in 2013.

Work on the Requirements and Design phase of the project began in October 2012 and will run until May 2013.

During this project phase, focus will be on the business requirements and rules of the database including a definition of standards for works, agreements and repertoire mandates as well as definition of the GRD logical data model.

GRD will be set up as a legal entity during this project phase, the business plan will be completed and the logical technology architecture for the system will be defined.

In mid-2013, the project will move into the technology build.

Delivery of the project is driven by the GRD Working Group, which consists of representatives from 14 organisations of creators, publishers, collective management societies, digital service providers and their trade associations.

In all, nearly 30 companies represented by nearly 100 individuals are directly involved in the work worldwide.

“The Global Repertoire Database is the building block for the future success of the legal online music market,” said chief executive of PRS for Music Robert Ashcroft. “PRS for Music has supported the project from the outset and we are committed to making the initiative work for the benefit of rights holders and rights users globally.”


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