Hadopi plans increase in piracy warning 'strikes' in 2013

Tom Pakinkis

France’s anti-piracy agency Hadopi is planning to send out 1.1 million piracy ‘strike’ warnings this year – a significant increase compared to the 668,000 sent out in 2012.

The hike in warning letters is suggested by budget predictions, despite the agency having its funding cut by 25% last year.

Figures for last year, published by Hadopi, show that 613,271 initial email warnings were sent to those involved in piracy last year, followed by 54,712 registered mail warnings with 305 cases being sent for further action.

Along with the figures for 2013, reported by Numerama, Hadopi has released a report detailing how internet users are consuming content, both legally and illegally.

The agency says that, since 2011, there has been a decrease in the number of users obtaining media online through unlawful means, with a 5% drop from 20% in December 2011 to 15% in October 2012.

In terms of music, Hadopi says that 80% of users now say they only access content from legitimate sources – an increase of 8% from 72% in December 2011. 51% of all those who too part in the 1,530 person survey said they chose legal means to consume media in order to stay within the law, while 43% said they do it out of respect for the creators.

Of course, with internet users being asked to comment on their own behaviour in the survey, the answers may need to be taken with caution.

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