Has Facebook cut ties with Grooveshark?

Has Facebook cut ties with Grooveshark?

Users can't log in to Grooveshark using Facebook log ins and the social networking site is also missing from Grooveshark's list of options for account connection, Evolver reports .

The streaming service claims Facebook deleted its page and app, and disabled the log-in integration "in error". A blog posted a week ago on their site said:

"Grooveshark's Facebook app integration and our Facebook page were disabled by Facebook [last] Saturday afternoon. We believe they were disabled in error and we are in communication with Facebook to try to understand exactly what's going on, so we hope to see a resolution to these problems soon."

A week later and Facebook's block is still in place, Grooveshark spokeswoman Danika Azzarelli told Evolver: "I don't have an update beyond what's on the blog posting, we continue to work with Facebook to reinstate the Grooveshark page and expect it to be back up shortly."

Grooveshark is currently facing lawsuits from all four major labels, and continues to distribute free music without permission by obeying part of the copyright law from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

The law says as long as the service deletes user-uploaded songs that infringe copyright when notified, all over sharing is ok.


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