iOS6: Apple ditches YouTube app

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Apple has released the latest beta version of iOS6, and triallists are starting to ask the same question: where's YouTube gone?

Many of Google's services have been a major feature of iPhone home screens since Apple introduced the device in 2007.

But all-of-a-sudden, iOS6 has ditched them. These include the popular Google Maps, which appears to have been replaced with Apple's mapping app.

According to Music Week sister site PCR, the app's benefits over Google Maps include layered images for different zoom levels - or in simple terms, less blurry screens as users wait for maps to load.

Most interesting of all to music types, the standard YouTube app has also gone.

Apple hasn't replaced the streaming video app to with its own equivalent and apparently doesn't intend to.

Indeed, Google has now announced it will be developing its own YouTube iOS app, which you'll have to download via the app store. One benefit of this, says Google, will be regular updates and improvements to the app - something Apple has failed to implement over the years.


iO6 is rumoured to be an integral part of iPhone 5, which is expected to be announced later this year.



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