It's The End for London club

It's The End for London club

The club's directors Layo and Zoe Paskin explain that the decision to sell the club was not purely financial, with several key members of staff already planning to move on.

"It was about beginning again for us," Zoe Paskin explains. "We felt that we'd done what we could do here, and we wouldn't want to be in a position where we're just repeating ourselves. So the choice we were faced with was either how to develop The End, or how to let go."

"We've had offers for the club before, and yes, this was the best one," adds Layo Paskin. "But I wouldn't say that it's so good that it makes this a purely financial issue - it's a circumstantial issue, coupled with financial. If it was seven or eight years ago, an offer like this wouldn't have been accepted. It's a lot to do with the timing.

"One of the great things about The End & AKA is that the same team has remained in essence - Liam has been the manager of the club since The End opened, likewise Ty who now manages AKA," he adds.

"There are other members of staff who have been here for ten or eleven years, and we've got to the point where some of the key people are ready to move on. The End won't feel the same if we aren't doing it together. This has never been solely a business, it's a labour of love, and a great part of the charm is the team, and running it with that team."

The club will be open as normal until its 13th birthday on December 6, where Sven Vath will headline, marking the beginning of the farewell.

There will then be a series of closing parties leading up to a closing weekend on January 23 and 24.

As well as hosting club nights, The End has also played host to live music, notably at the Trash club nights.


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