iTunes 11 finally launches

Tom Pakinkis

Apple has finally launched iTunes 11 after a notable absence at its most recent product conference in October.

After a month-long delay, the latest version of iTunes gives users the ability to stream entertainment directly from the internet via iCloud.

Other features include a redesign which aims to make better use of the space on screen, offer easier exploration of the iTunes Store content and make personal recommendations based on what music fans already have.

There’s also improved search functionality, a shrunken down mini-player and an ‘UP Next’ button, which allows listeners to organise play orders.

The new iCloud Play feature means that iTunes music, movie and TV purchases will appear automatically in the iCloud and users’ local library, providing the option to download media or play it directly from the Cloud.

A playback sync feature mans that iCloud is now also able to remember where a user is in a film or TV show regardless of device switching.

A video from Apple detailing the new functionality of iTunes 11 can be found below:


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