Jeff Price: 'I have no faith in TuneCore'

Tom Pakinkis

TuneCore co-founder and former CEO Jeff Price has spoken at length about his departure from the company, confirming that he was “pushed” out along with co-founder Peter Wells.

Speaking to Digital Music News, Price also criticised the company – of which he is still a 13% owner – as directionless.

“That's why I have no faith in its ability to succeed,” he said. “I don't know who the CEO is. I don't think there is one. I don't know if there's an interim CEO, or if there is, no one's communicated it to anybody.  

“From what I understand, it seems that a banker with zero experience in the music industry, with no understanding of the nuances of the sector, is running the company.”

On his departure, Price said, “It's getting close to half a year since [co-founder] Peter Wells and I were pushed out and still no real reason has been provided.  

“As far as the three original founders, advisors and investors know, there is no new CEO, no interim CEO, no plan, no vision, no leadership and no innate understanding of the music industry or the needs of artists at the top of the company.”


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