Kid Rock to re-record Devil Without A Cause

Tom Pakinkis
Kid Rock

Kid Rock is to re-record his 11-times Platinum-selling, 1998 album Devil Without A Cause.

Gaining ownership of the new master recordings is part of the reason behind the idea, according to Billboard, but the move is also an effort to celebrate the LP’s 15th anniversary.

"Some of them will be exactly like they were and some of them will have the sensibilities of what we've learned playing those songs live for 15 years," Kid Rock told Billboard.

"I'm not going to say they're going to be better than the originals; that's tough to top. But I think there's something special about them that people will dig.

And the rock icon believes that the re-recording could go beyond mere homage, believing that one of the reworked tracks could have modern-day commercial value all over again.

"I think we'll have a monster single with the way we're doing 'Wasting Time' now,' without any of the samples and stuff," he says. "I think that could be a really big song. It's just really cool."

Kid Rock’s latest album Rebel Soul was released last week and the artist finally made his iTunes debut last month.


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