Maurice Gibb: down-to-earth talent behind Bee Gees' hits

David Most, a long-time close friend of the Bee Gees and their promoter for the past 18 years, pays a personal tribute to Maurice Gibb

"My overriding memory of Maurice is as a genuine, friendly guy. He was a down-to-earth and very natural man who, in the decades I was privileged to call him a friend, stayed true to himself and those close to him. I can genuinely say I have lost one of my closest friends.

I first met Mo in the late Sixties when we became friends and attended events and functions together. During the Seventies we both became so busy with our careers - he with the band and me with the publishing business - that we lost contact. Then, by complete chance, in 1985 my wife bumped into Yvonne, his wife, in the supermarket. Within minutes we were on the phone and catching up where we had left off - and making a date for a party later that week.

It was at that party that the boys, Mo, Robin and Barry, all looking for a change of direction after Saturday Night Fever, asked me to work with them. Maurice sent me a great demo with a fabulous drum sound he'd created in his garage. That song was You Win Again and I'm proud to have been involved in the record that brought them back to prominence.

Mo was very into creating sounds, but he was the quieter one of the group. His brothers and myself know just how much he contributed to the Bee Gees' music, both in songwriting and sounds.

Barry and Robin have said that they will make another album; they had all agreed that should anything like this happen they would carry on as the Bee Gees, and I'm sure they'll come back with some fantastic songs in Mo's memory that he'd be proud of.

Maurice was very loving and, when he was around, you could guarantee there would be laughter. He was always laughing and really enjoyed the traditional style of British comedy such as Hancock's Half Hour and the Carry Ons - all the boys do.

Mo's brothers are obviously devastated, as are his two loving children and his devoted wife Yvonne. I was around when they lost their younger brother Andy and for them to have to go through this again is just terrible.

His family and all his friends, myself included, are going to miss him terribly."


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