McCartney camp planning 'big event' for streaming return

McCartney camp planning 'big event' for streaming return

The news comes from Concord's director of digital and mobile sales Phillip Bailey, who has commented on Macca's records being pulled from the few streaming platforms it was still available on last week.

"This wasn't done because people are anti-streaming," he told Seattle Weekly.

"A lot of people like to bang on Spotify and streaming services. That is not what this is about. This is about how to best profile this catalogue.

"Streaming is absolutely viable. I'm a huge proponent of it. Even McCartney's camp is."

Bailey pointed out that McCartney's is the only Concord catalogue not available for streaming and that "management has decided they would really like to have some sort of unveiling" around the release of the catalog to subscribers.

"They want, more than anything, to make it an event," he said before telling Seattle Weekly that it was most likely to happen in the spring around the re-issue of Ram, Macca's second post-Beatles release.


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