Medianet expands to cover mechanical and performance licensing

Tim Ingham
Medianet expands to cover mechanical and performance licensing

Catalogue, metadata and ecommerce technology provider for music services MediaNet is expanding its administration services offerings.

The firm will now offer clients services beyond its current master rights management and catalogue fulfillment to cover what it calls 'the complete spectrum of rights'.

MediaNet currently offers global master fulfillment and administration for a catalogue of more than 25 million tracks, to operators of streaming services, apps and download stores. 

It says its new offering enables MediaNet to take over the rights administration, reporting, and payment processes related to mechanical and performance licensing, so its music service and record label clients are properly licensed, and remain up to date with the reporting and payment terms of those licenses. 

MediaNet claims to be the first white label music service provider to offer comprehensive, scalable master and publishing rights administration.

“By expanding our administration services, MediaNet will become the only company offering a complete rights and administration package for digital music service clients,” said Frank Johnson, CEO of MediaNet. “We look forward to working with publishers, PRO’s, record companies and digital service providers to create a solution that is beneficial for everyone in the music ecosystem.”

“MediaNet pioneered content management for digital music, and over the past decade, has developed one of the most sophisticated rights administration infrastructures in the industry,” said Larry Miller, Executive Vice President and General Manager of MediaNet.

“Now, by offering both master-side and publishing rights administration services, we can  remove cost and friction for any company that wants to offer digital music services, allowing them to focus on creating, releasing and scaling brilliant products and services rather than allocating in-house resources to copyright administration.”

Miller will be speaking on rights administration and related issues as the business keynote at the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL) meeting at Midem on Sunday, January 27, at 11 a.m. in Conference Level 01 at the Palais des Festivals.


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