Method Man creates music video for candy brand

Method Man creates music video for candy brand

The music video for the new single World Gone Sour (Lost Kids), developed by the Wu-Tang Clan artist in conjunction with the Kraft Foods owned brand, is designed to showcase the rebellious nature of the candy, which is both sweet and sour.

The plotline of the music video also promotes an upcoming Sour Patch Kids video game, which will be made available across a variety of consoles this winter.

Fans of the candy brand can visit the Sour Patch Kids Facebook page for updates on the forthcoming game and also download the mobile game Sour Fling at the iTunes store.

"We launched the 'World Gone Sour' campaign through a hip-hop music video because we believe it's the perfect vehicle to convey the sneaky and rebellious behaviour of our 'lost kids'," said Sebastian Genesio, Marketing Director for Sour Patch. "We are thrilled to have Method Man on board given his artistic talent and his commitment to making this track as authentic as possible."


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