What's the greatest dance track of all time?

Tina Hart

Dance music and club culture magazine Mixmag is posing the question to end all questions for dance music fans – What is the greatest dance track of all time?

The publication has kicked proceedings off by putting out a shortlist of 300 “timeless” records encompassing many genres of electronic dance music from house and techno to dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass.

The poll is being hosted at www.greatestdancetrack.com where voters can also listen to each of the tracks. Also, if voters feel that one of their favourite tracks is not on the shortlist then they can input their choice manually, choosing any track they feel is worthy of the accolade.

Incentive for voters is given with a unique 20% discount offer for Beatport to buy any of the tracks on the shortlist.

The poll will run until December 21 and the winner will be revealed in the February edition of Mixmag, out on January 17.

Mixmag editor Nick Decosemo said: "Of all the polls we've ever run at Mixmag, this one has caused the most office arguments! Picking one greatest dance track of all time seems almost like an impossible task to many. So to help people along, we've created a list of 300 timeless records that we think could be in contention to win.

“You can listen to all of these tunes on our bespoke Facebook App and then make your choice. Just be careful, once you start browsing you may find that you've lost a day!"


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