Mobile service mSpot brings music into the cloud

Mobile service mSpot brings music into the cloud

The service is currently in invite-only beta and is reported to be planning to open to the public within the next few months.

Users' collections will be stored in the cloud and accessible on compatible devices. The fact that it is running on the Android platform is telling, especially given that Apple has been rumoured to be planning a streaming and cloud solution since it bought Lala last December.

While initially free, mSpot appears to be working on a freemium basis. Users will be given 2GB of storage but will have to pay to increase the storage capacity.

Given that 2GB works out around 600 songs, the available storage space will normally only hold a fraction of most users' digital collections. The service is, however, planning to work around this according to Wired, which states it will compress uploaded files into the much smaller 48kbps AAC+ format.

Digital Media Wire has reported that the service will charge $2.99 (?2.08) a month for 10GB of storage and $4.99 (?3.48) for 20GB.

MSpot already runs the Mobile Moves site which lets users stream full-length movies to their PCs and mobiles.


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