New laws not deterring French filesharers?

New laws not deterring French filesharers?

Last year, the Hadopi measures were put into effect and by October some 25,000 warnings letters a day were being sent out by ISPs to suspected filesharers. The UK is expected to implement a similar warning letter system later this year, once a decision has been made on how the costs will be shared.

A survey, however, by ZDNet.fr has found that just 4% of filesharers polled said they have stopped sourcing music from illegal services for fear of detection.

It adds that 15% of filesharers are carrying on as normal, 9% said they would continue to fileshare but be more vigilant while 6% felt no action was needed as they were sure they could not be identified.

The study also found, however, that 80% of those polled said they never or hardly ever use filesharing services, suggesting willingness to embrace illegal P2P services is not as widespread as perhaps feared.

Against this legislation, the French government backed the Carte Musique scheme, where it underwrites 50% of the cost of 1m EUR50 (?41.80) download cards a year to encourage young consumers to use legal services. Within the first few weeks of the scheme going live over 10,000 consumers in France had signed up.


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