Online Copyright Alert System set for US within weeks

Tom Pakinkis

Copyright alert notifications from US ISPs will start to pop up on peer-to-peer networks within the coming weeks.

Executive director of the Center for Copyright Information Jill Lesser revealed in a blog post that the Copyright Alert System (CAS) will begin within weeks in partnership with ISPs, in an attempt to deter users from illegal file-sharing.

Originally announced in July 2011, the CAS’ will be rolled out by participating internet service providers over the next two months.

“Educational alerts will come first, followed by acknowledgement alerts that require the recipients to let their ISP know they have received the notices,” explained Lesser. “For accounts where alleged infringing activity continues, enhanced alerts that contain ‘mitigation measures’ will follow.  

“These mitigation measures will vary by ISP and range from requiring the subscriber to review educational materials, to a temporary slow-down of Internet access speed.  

“However, termination of a consumer’s Internet service is not a part of any ISP’s Copyright Alert System program. Contrary to many erroneous reports, this is not a ‘six-strikes-and-you’re-out’ system that would result in termination.  There's no "strikeout" in this program.”

Lesser said that consumers had been consulted during preparation of the CAS. The feedback found that they wanted more guidance on the “rules of the road”.

Consumers will be able to seek review of alerts they believe were sent in error.

“Content owners and ISPs want the system to be accurate. And we have established a fair and transparent process to correct errors should they occur,” said Lesser.

“To do this, CCI developed an independent review program to be operated by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). AAA is a highly respected, neutral organization with deep experience in administering similar programs. The review system will allow consumers to ask a trained, impartial professional at AAA to review alerts fairly and confidentially, while honoring their expectation of privacy.”


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