Pepsi could launch 'label' outfit next year - report

Pepsi could launch 'label' outfit next year - report

Pepsi has hinted at launching a record label-services division, after PepsiCo's global chief marketing officer Frank Cooper has said the brand is to “play a greater role in distributing content."

Speaking to Billboard, Cooper said: “We think there are some key producers and writers that can help us create original material,

"It's not about integrating Pepsi so much, but making sure Pepsi plays a greater role in distributing the content."

The drinks giant has already formed a record label-services division called Green Label Sound with Mountain Dew, which is described as a "record label curated by Mountain Dew", and Cooper is said to have suggested that Pepsi could create its own version of Green Label Sound in 2013.

Next year, will see the brand working ever closer with the music industry with plans to expand music strategies for PepsiCo brands like Lipton (Lady Antebellum was a featured band in 2012) and Mountain Dew's DEWeezy collaboration with Lil Wayne.

The most recent  announcement sees Beyonce enlisted as part of a $50 million branding campaign, acting as PepsiCo’s creative representative on a series of projects.

"We're still in the idea-development phase, but the types of things we're talking about are creating original episodic content together," said Cooper. "Where Beyonce may be in front of the camera but may be behind the camera.

"We're talking about for live events where we might play a role in creating additional engagement experiences for fans using technology or building interactions with fans that we think we can contribute from the Pepsi side. And then of course we're thinking about collaborating on events together, live events that we think can be an interesting way to display something Beyonce wants to do and something we want to do."


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