POLL: Are the leading music streaming platforms too expensive?


For around £10 a month, music consumers can access a huge catalogue of music to stream ad-free offline.

Across the likes of Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and others, full albums – old and new – can be listened to on multiple devices – for slightly more (on average) than the cost of a full-price album downloaded from somewhere like iTunes.

For some avid consumers – who are likely to have spent far more than £10 per month in the halcyon days of the CD on music – it’s a bargain deal, however, when competing with piracy, legal music services could still be considered too expensive.

That’s according to Tim Clark, co-founder of IE Music, manager of Robbie Williams and avid support of Bloom.fm. Bloom charges consumers just £1 per month to access ad-free and offline music, but via a limited 20-track ‘wallet’ on their phones.

“I wonder whether cheaper streaming subscription [services] might not encourage people to pay for music,” Clark told Music Week. “I’m nervous about streaming services that allow people to think that music is free. It’s a problem.

 “£5 a month is a lot of money for most people,” said Clark. “People are fond of saying to me: if you do a £1 a month a subscription it’s just a dive to the bottom. Well, hang on folks, we’re already at the bottom: if statistics are to be believed, 70%-plus of all music is downloaded illegally for free."

Do you think £10 a month is too expensive for the average music consumer? Answer our poll and discuss below…


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