PPL asks labels: 'Have you licensed to Grooveshark?'

Tom Pakinkis

PPL has sent out another survey to its label members for the BPI, this time asking if they have licensed to the Grooveshark music platform.

In July last year, PPL and BPI asked labels to let them know if they had licensed to a number of torrent sites thought to be engaged pirate activity.

The survey followed a High Court order demanding that some of the UK’s largest ISPs block the notorious Pirate Bay file-sharing website.

This time the notice asks if PPL members have licensed Grooveshark specifically and whether they have done so through a direct deal or a third party.

The notice explains that from time to time PPL asks members on behalf of the BPI if they have licensed recorded music to “websites that could be involved in online copyright infringement” in order to assist the trade body with its work to reduce piracy.

While this could suggest further legal action against Grooveshark from major labels, BPI said in a statement that it “regularly carries out intelligence on unlicensed websites” and is now updating its records to ensure accuracy.

Despite disputes in the past, Grooveshark has struck deals with music companies more recently, announcing licensing agreements with both EMI Music Publishing and Sony/ATV in August.


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