PRS syncs with ITV for 'significant' streamlining of music use reporting

Tom Pakinkis
PRS for Music

ITV, PRS for Music and metadata management platform Soundmouse have unveiled a "significant advancement" in the automation and streamlining of the music reporting workflow process for broadcasters, using ISAN to identify productions and music cue sheets.

Since 2010, ITV has been registering its productions with the International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN) and now has over 100,000 productions uniquely identified by the system. These productions have been synchronised with their associated music information (known as music cue sheets) via the Soundmouse system.  In parallel with this, ITV’s ISANs have been supplied to PRS for Music and uploaded to their repertoire database of audiovisual productions.

The development is said to streamline the process of music reporting for broadcasters and music rights societies who can use ISAN (and V-ISAN for versions) to uniquely identify a production once rather than supplying the full production and music details each time it is broadcast.

Each week ITV supplies information for thousands of productions to PRS for Music whenever they are broadcast on ITV’s family of channels or on-demand service, ITV Player. By adopting ISAN the amount of information supplied is significantly reduced and the processing by PRS for Music can be fully automated through to royalty distributions to composers and publishers, increasing the accuracy of data matching and eliminating the need for any manual intervention.

ITV can now also share ISANs with its distribution partners, who can similarly minimise their reporting requirements to PRS for Music by supplying ISANs rather than detailed production information and music cue sheets. On the International scene, PRS will make ISANs linked to music cue sheets available to other rights societies through an international registry of productions called the AVI (Audio Visual Index) system.

Dale Grayson, director of archive and information policy at ITV, said: “ITV has now enabled identification of its productions through the use of a unique ISAN number, which will improve the accuracy and efficiency of content usage reporting for all our partners throughout the distribution chain.”

Keith Hill, head of operations projects at PRS for Music, said: “ITV’s adoption of ISAN in their music reporting marks a significant step towards streamlining the process by using a unique identifier rather than duplicating information each time a production is broadcast or streamed. This will achieve greater automation during data processing, minimize errors and consequently increase the accuracy of royalty distributions to PRS for Music members.”

Mark Vermaat, head of business development at Soundmouse, said: “At Soundmouse we engage daily with the challenges associated with accurate music reporting in an increasingly complex linear and non linear media distribution environment, and the increasing presence of ISAN as the industry standard unique identifier for content is an important step forward in the evolution of music reporting for broadcasters.”


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