Sentric Music to roll out in 27 EU territories

Sentric Music to roll out in 27 EU territories

The publishing outfit uses an online database (sentricmusic.com) that individual artists and songwriters of any level can sign up to. Sentric will then register artists' music with performance rights organisations, manage royalty claims, account to artists with global royalty payments and search for synch and licensing opportunities on behalf of rights holders. It also offers business-to-business sub- publishing arrangements for catalogues owners.

"We set up purely to make music publishing as accessible as digital distribution," said Sentric CEO Chris Meehan. "We worked with the PROs, and engaged with PRS primarily, to build a platform that makes it really easy for writers to enjoy the benefits of a publishing infrastructure without having a long term contract in place that's actually really restrictive.

"That's progressed over the last five years and really accelerated over the last two. We service songwriters for administration worldwide and we have synchronisation at a number of different levels; from library catalogue that artists need to push to TV companies and broadcasters in the UK, right through to full service synch internationally."

While Sentric is represented by Downtown Music Publishing in the US and Canada, its direct European contact came when Sam Ward joined the company from Kobalt as international development and client manager last year.

"I brought with me the expertise in dealing with international societies," Ward told Music Week. "We now deal directly with European societies, which cover 27 individual territories.

"That means we collect the money direct from the society rather than it going back to the regional office, being commissioned twice and taking months to get here. That's going to be a great selling point for future clients."

Meehan added: "We've got about 22,000 UK songwriters including bands that are playing gigs in Germany, France and the rest of Europe as well as bands that play in the States, and we're getting them TV exposure. I felt that our network and our infrastructure wasn't efficient enough to provide a great international service to these artists.

"We're launching the service in Sweden and Ireland in July and then we're going to be doing a slow roll-out in other territories with partners, allowing artists to sign up with us directly in their respective countries.

"On top of that, because we've got this infrastructure in place now, all of the artists that we have in the UK are being switched to direct collection. We've already seen money come through from Spain and Ireland, for example"

As far as the catalogue service is concerned, Meehan said, "We're looking after a few catalogues at the moment to make sure that we're ready to open it up.

"What we want to be able to provide is a business-to- business offering that's the same as our business-to-artist service: one that's really easy to set up and with no long term retention or collection periods for sub-publishing.

"As it grows we're going to be able to bring on catalogues for specific territories," he added. "So if you are a small publisher or a management company that's looking after your artist's publishing, you'll be able to plug into the Sentric network and get them represented really efficiently."


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