Spotify reveals new Viral 50 Chart

Murray Stassen
Spotify reveals new Viral 50 Chart

Spotify has revealed the Viral 50 chart - created to measure the success of music in terms of streaming and user sharing.

The Viral-50 chart is different from the Spotify Top-50, which shows only the most-streamed songs on Spotify in a specific week.

The new ranking appears to have evolved out of the Social 50 chart after a year of data gathering.

The company says that measuring performance based only on the number of singles sold (or streamed) is “antiquated”, as it does not illustrate how the music is performing “in the current and ever-changing landscape of the music industry”.

According to Spotify, many of the songs that perform well on the Viral-50 chart have either been featured in movies, TV programmes, commercials or at high-profile events.

Other songs that do well on the Viral-50 are highly anticipated singles by popular artists such as Ed Sheeran.

Seven tracks from Sheeran's new album X were made available prior to release and five of them charted on the UK Viral-50.

As a result of this strategy, X became the most-streamed album ever on Spotify in a single week, with 23.7 million streams globally.

The Spotify Top-50 & Viral-50 for every country can be found by visiting http://charts.spotify.com.



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