Spotify rolls out in Ireland and Luxembourg

Tina Hart

As part of its its continual global expansion, Spotify has rolled out in Ireland and Luxembourg.

Adding these territories to its roster brings its total reach to 17 countries.

Currently, Ireland's spending on physical music outweighs digital. Based on IFPI figures of per-capita spending – the Irish parted with $7.75 on physical music in 2011, compared to the US equivalent of $5.88 and Swedish $7.28. Spending on digital equated to $3.92 for the Irish, $7.24 UK, $7.06 US and $7.23 Swedish.

Spotify is currently recruiting for future territory launches in Italy, Poland and Mexico. The per-capita spending figures on music in these countries is much lower with a peak of $2.70 on physical music in Italy and a low of just $0.11 on digital music in both Poland and Mexico.

It was recently reported that the company was close to securing $100m funding as it prepares for expansion into Latin America and Europe in 2013

Source: Billboard


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