Streaming 'isn't feasible for us' - Black Keys

Streaming 'isn't feasible for us' - Black Keys

El Camino is the first Black Keys album that isn't wholly available on streaming platforms like Spotify and, in an interview with VH1, drummer Patrick Carney explained the financial reasoning behind the decision.

"It's becoming more popular," Carney conceded, "but it still isn't at a point where you can replace royalties from record sales with royalties from streams. So it felt unfair to those that purchased the album to allow people to go on a website and stream the album for free whenever they want it."

It's a point that has been expressed by other artists in the past few months, with Jon Hopkins making a more striking stand than most when he claimed that he was paid under £10 for almost 100,000 streams on Spotify in November.

"For unknown bands and smaller bands, it's a really good thing to get yourself out there," Carney continued. "But for a band that makes a living selling music, it's not at a point yet to be feasible for us.

"There's a lot of stuff about some of these services that people don't really know," he continued. "It's set up to be a little more fair for the labels than it is for the artists, and that's why we made that decision.

The band has allowed single Lonely Boy to be streamed. "We have to walk that fine line of how to do it without losing mystique and without putting yourself out there so much that fans expect everything to be free," Carney explained.

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