Surface Festival 2012 to continue discovery and promotion of new talent

Surface Festival 2012 to continue discovery and promotion of new talent

The live music event will provide unprecedented access to industry advice and facilities, including equipment and promotion, for aspiring bands. It will feature industry sponsors, judges and management.

Leon Van Den Broecke, UK manager, explains: "Surface gives bands the chance to play the type of venues that most bands only dream of when they've 'made it' - add to the expertise Surface offers in terms of lighting and sound management, PR and exposure and you're looking at an opportunity and experience that's too good to miss."

If bands are accepted on to the festival line-up they then go through to a series of performances where they may be voted on to the next stage by audience, text, musician and industry votes. After stages one and two bands may progress to semi-final showcases, regional showcases and finally an international showcase.

Gigs are grouped by genre in order to gain exposure to particular new audiences, sell merchandise, promote networking opportunities and attract new fans. The festival will culminate with 32 bands playing London's IndigO2 venue.

There are a number of prizes to be awarded along the way including £100,000 and a slot at Sziget Festival 2012.

Previous Surface Festival performers, band Blackwaters, said of their experience: "Surface has been an awesome experience for us as a band, it's pushed us as performers but has also helped developed the business side of the band."

"The best thing about Surface is it's an honest process, it doesn't claim to turn you into rock stars overnight or at all, instead it gives you the confidence, the experience and ultimately to the winners the tools to make a success of the band yourselves. We would recommend Surface to any band out there."


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