Taylor Swift holds new album from streaming services

Tina Hart
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s new album Red has been released this week but it seems that the popular country star has decided to not allow certain music services host the record.

The record is not available on Spotify, Deezer or Rhapsody.

Garrett Kamps, senior director of content programming at Rhapsody, revealed in a blog post that “Taylor Swift and her management made a decision not to make her new album available to Rhapsody’s million-plus subscribers for several months.”

He went on to champion and clearly outline Rhapsody’s streaming method, emphasising the ongoing payments to artist, publishers and the like per stream, as opposed to the finite royalties that come in from CD sales.

Spotify has confirmed that Swift's latest will not be available on its service initially, according to DMN, but MusicAlly has reported that Swift’s album is on Grooveshark, YouTube and ‘all over BitTorrent’.

It did find though, that the album is available via WiMP, which is a legitimate streaming service.


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