Top EU court confirms legality of ISP blocks on pirate sites

Tom Pakinkis

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that ISPs can legally block pirate sites.

The verdict comes out of a case in the film industry after Austrian ISP UPC Telekabel Wien failed to block access to kin.to – the largest pirate site in German-speaking Europe, boasting 4 million users every day – at the request of Constantin Film and Wega.

As part of the case, the CJEU was asked to clarify the legality of site blocking, which it ruled is legal.

A number of ISP blocks have been put in place in various territories across the globe, including here in the UK where the High Court has periodically ordered ISPs to shutter sites including The Pirate Bay.

However some ISPs have been reluctant to block sites. In June last year, Irish ISP UPC said that service providers “should not, on a voluntary basis, decide what can or should be consumed by users.”

“It is the government or the courts who are the appropriate body to make such determinations.”

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