Viagogo: Our big book of credit cards is for customers' benefit

Viagogo: Our big book of credit cards is for customers' benefit

Dispatches' footage appeared to reveal that Viagogo used the credit cards to bulk buy tickets on the primary market, with the intention of reselling them back to consumers at huge mark-ups on its own site.

One of the company's employees was caught on camera labelling the practice "highly, highly immoral",

However, in a new Q&A in today's Music Week - with subscribers now - Viagogo UK director Ed Parkinson defended the company.

"That practice was really misrepresented by the programme," he said. "We have historically purchased a small number of tickets [this way].

"Predominantly, we offer customers a guarantee that if a seller [fails to] get them a ticket, we'll give them their money back or provide a replacement.

"Having a small number of tickets in stock helps us fulfil that guarantee. If they're not used they do get sold on - sometimes at a profit, sometimes at a discount."

Parkinson also defended the practice of taking thousands of new tickets from promoters and selling them to the public as secondary tickets - at sky-high prices.

"We've always taken the view that it's better - and we want to - work with the industry," he said.

Pick up Music Week magazine to read the full Q&A - part of a three-page special on the Dispatches programme.


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