Will.i.am to launch iPhone camera product next week


Will.i.am is to launch new iPhone hardware i.am+ globally next week, the product transforms the 8 megapixel smartphone camera into a 14 megapixel camera.

Describing the i.am+ to The Daily Telegraph, Will.i.am says: "We have our own sensor and a better flash. You dock you phone into our device and it turns you smartphone into a genius-phone. We take over the camera."

The debut series of i.am+ camera accessories will be officially launched at a press conference in London on Wednesday November 28. Selfridges will sell the products exclusively from early December.

The camera will be the first of a series of digital products that bear the singer's name. To support them, the Black Eyed Peas star owns the domain www.i.am, users of i.am+ accessories will be given individual online profiles.


Tags: apple, iPhone, Tech, will.i.am

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