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PRS Foundation launches live-focused Flash Fund

Music charity PRS For Music Foundation has launched a new edition

Grassroots venue circuit backs 'common sense' new legislation

Campaigners bidding to safeguard the future of the small venues circuit have war

Music industry welcomes legislation change to protect venues

UK Music, Music Venue Trust and Musicians’ Union have welcomed new Government legislation to protect

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RIAA says TPP 'moves us in the right direction'

The Trans-Pacific Partne

AIF teams up with Musicians' Union to launch Fair Play For Festivals

The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) and Musicians’ Union (MU) have teamed up for the Fair

LA recording musician wages plummet from $50m to $15.5m - report

Recording musician wages in Los Angeles dropped by 68% between 1998 and 2013, according to a report release

MU opposes Camden's 'draconian' measures against busking

The Musicians’ Union has expressed its disappointment over Camden Council’s decision introduce

Live Music Act 1 year on: 'A fantastic achievement' - but there's more to be done

UK Music and the Musicians’ Union are today celebrating the first anniversary of the Live Music Act b

TUC supports Musicians' Union push for levy on MP3 manufacturers

The TUC Congress has today supported a Musicians’ Union motion demanding fair compensation for musici

Musicians' Union celebrates 120th anniversary

The Musicians’ Union is today celebrating its 120th anniversary with a special conference

'Artists should be unionised,' says Ticketmaster CEO

Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard has called for artists to demand unionisation in the face of the raging Spo

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