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LA recording musician wages plummet from $50m to $15.5m - report

Recording musician wages in Los Angeles dropped by 68% between 1998 and 2013, according to a report released on December ...

Murray Stassen
by Murray Stassen
on Jan 13th 2015 at 10:14AM
Musicians Union

MU opposes Camden's 'draconian' measures against busking

The Musicians’ Union has expressed its disappointment over Camden Council’s decision introduce punitive measures against buskers despite “vocal opposition” from ...

Tom Pakinkis
by Tom Pakinkis
on Nov 12th 2013 at 2:21PM
The Rocktober Report

Live Music Act 1 year on: 'A fantastic achievement' - but there's more to be done

UK Music and the Musicians’ Union are today celebrating the first anniversary of the Live Music Act by publishing a ...

Tom Pakinkis
by Tom Pakinkis
on Oct 1st 2013 at 2:26PM
Musicians Union

TUC supports Musicians' Union push for levy on MP3 manufacturers

The TUC Congress has today supported a Musicians’ Union motion demanding fair compensation for musicians for private copying.

Tom Pakinkis
by Tom Pakinkis
on Sep 9th 2013 at 1:22PM


Musicians Union 1893

Musicians' Union celebrates 120th anniversary

The Musicians’ Union is today celebrating its 120th anniversary with a special conference in Manchester, where it was formed ...

Tom Pakinkis
by Tom Pakinkis
on Jul 23rd 2013 at 2:06PM
Nathan Hubbard

'Artists should be unionised,' says Ticketmaster CEO

Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard has called for artists to demand unionisation in the face of the raging Spotify debate sparked ...

Tom Pakinkis
by Tom Pakinkis
on Jul 16th 2013 at 10:01AM