Tastemakers: What is Pandora listening to this week?

Tastemakers: What is Pandora listening to this week?

M.O - Who Do You Think Of?

If you’re missing wicked girl groups like Mis-Teeq, hold up, because there’s a trio in town you need to get to know. UK girls Annie, Frankee and Nadine make up the group M.O and they are ready to take over! They’ve got sass, style and attitude, and it comes across big time in their music. They’ve all got incredible voices and they’re harmonies are on point!

To me, it seems the girls have got a big ’90s R’n’B/hip-hop influence going on, from the way they express themselves fashion wise and through the music they make. I’ve been championing them since I fell in love with their tune Preach last year.

Now, I want you to imagine you’re having a massive pool party in Ibiza with all your mates. It’s 30 degrees outside and you’ve got their new track Who Do You Think Of? blasting out... instant party! That is the vibe they’re bringing with this tune.

It brings out that huge, summery feel and instantly transports you on holiday! I think it’s one of this year’s big summer anthems, plus it’s real catchy, too. Once you’ve heard it, it’ll get stuck in your head all day! Look out for these girls, because they are the ones to watch this year...

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