EU Referendum: musicians speak 'out'

European Union

By Lauren Sutherland

The UK woke up this morning to find itself no longer part of the European Union after 51.9% of the UK voted for Leave. For many people this came as a great shock and will no doubt have many consequences for the music business.

The music business has had plenty to say to Music Week about it,  but the result also sparked many musicians and celebrities to take to their Twitters and let the world know their views on the matter. With talk of bent bananas, devastation and moving to Mars alongside David Bowie here is a selection of some of our favourite musicians’ tweets…

“Here's to bent bananas” – Lily Allen

“I truly believe this is one of the most devastating things to happen during my lifetime. I felt a fear I've never felt this morning,” – Ellie Goulding

“It's a sad day. The economic impact that this is going to have is definitely going to make those voters regret their decision,” – Niall Horan (One Direction)

“Continue to manipulate people with lies I suppose. It's a shame for those NHS supporters who were drawn in by him,” – James McVey

“How many retweets do I need to become prime minister?” – Stormzy

“Moving to Mars with Bowie,” – Disclosure

 “This might be a good weekend to go to Glastonbury... #needahug #EUref” – Dermot O’Leary (Radio 2)

“There's no use crying over spilt milk. We'll just ave to mek the best of it! I've always said 'In politics and pop you get what you deserve!” – Boy George

“A sad day for a world of WE, of together, of common unity with our fellow humans. #StrongerTogether” – James Bay


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