Tastemakers: What's The Guardian's Hannah J Davies listening to this week?

Tastemakers: What's The Guardian's Hannah J Davies listening to this week?

The Guardian/Q writer Hannah J Davies’ on Superorganism’s S/T

With the days still drizzly and dark, I find myself reaching for releases that transport me to other worlds. Currently, that means plenty of spins for Superorganism’s debut, out in March.

They’re essentially a millennial Polyphonic Spree - a cult-like eight-piece from around the globe who make exuberant, wonky electro-indie with a side of modern ennui, and are fronted by a teenage girl from Maine named Orono Noguchi.

Debut single, Something For Your M.I.N.D., set out their signature sound, and they’ve followed it with three more equally bizarre but brilliant tracks.

These include It’s All Good, which samples motivational speaker Tony Robbins and is just the thing to tease you out from the duvet on a grey morning.

They’re oddballs, but sentimental, too. Nai’s March, which is littered with videogame sounds and splashing water, feels like playing Sonic The Hedgehog in the bath, but is bookended by a plaintive vocal from Noguchi.

Similarly, Relax is peppered with stress-inducing noises, like cars skidding and horns beeping, which are irreverent but also encapsulate anxiety.

Being off-kilter and imaginative is a major asset in a world where lots of acts fail to stand out, but, really, Superorganism are just very good at colourful pop with feeling.

Hannah J Davies
Journalist (Guardian, Q)

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