Breakthrough in Music

When :
October 17th 2016
Where :
Interchange (Atrium), Camden
Venue Interchange (Atrium), Camden
Breakthrough in Music

Creative Industry Hub is holding 'Breakthrough in Music' (in association with Media Match Magazine), the UK's first and only conference built specifically to support musicians only.' The event is being sponsored by Red Green and Black, Read-Audio and the ISM who will also exhibit on the day.

To get tickets, simply visit the event page here.

Where And When Is It Taking Place?

BTIM2016 is taking place at Interchange (Atrium) Camden on Monday 17th October, 2016, which is located in Stables Market.

Why BTIM2016?

We've realised that University can sometimes fail to educate musicians on how the industry really operates, and it doesn't always teach them what they really need to know to build a career, so we've decided to take charge and do it ourselves through this event.

What Will I Get Out Of It?

BTIM2016 will educate musicians in great detail on every subject they need to know, and to deliver each workshop, we've carefully selected a wide range of speakers who are experts in their individual fields to talk on artist management, A&R, labels, legal, PR, and more.

Why This Event And Not Another One?

We launched BTIM2016 because we noticed that whilst there are a dozen music conferences in existence already, none of them focus on supporting musicians. Instead, they focus on 'industry trends' and 'technology,' which is great, but...

Without musicians, there would be no music industry! So finally. Here's an event for you.

Learn How To Become A Successful Musician

Come to BTIM2016 and learn about the most important topics you need to know in your music career, and learn from people who actually understand the industry the most, because they live and breathe it on a daily basis and are experts in their respected fields.

Other Features Of BTIM2016

We'll also have a dedicated networking breakout room so you can network with your peers and make those all-important connections, as well as meet some of our expert guest speakers, and check out our exhibitors, Red Green and Black, Read-Audio and the ISM.

Here's who we've confirmed and what they'll speak about:

Jonathan Fox, aka ‘Itch’ (Lead Singer of ‘The King Blues’): ‘A Day In the Life of An Established Artist’

PANEL: ‘YouTube in Music’ (Featuring Esmée Denters (YouTube Star/Musician) and Kieran Lemon (Lead Singer of Room 94/YouTube Star/Musician)

Julie Weir (Founder of Visible Noise/Head of Music for Nations – Sony Music): ‘Record Labels in 2016. Major, Independent or DIY?’

Matt Parsons (CEO at Ditto Music): ‘Building Your Music Brand Through Marketing, Social Media, Promotion and PR’

Simon Anderson (Director of Publishing at Audio Network): ‘The Usage Model. Capitalising From Your Work Through Sync/Publishing’

Claire Gevaux (Creative Director at Help Musicians UK): ‘Finance, Funding and Crowd Funding. How To Secure The Cash You Need’

Dorothea Thompson (Lawyer at Bray and Krais): ‘Musicians, Contracts And Legal. What To Look Out For And How To Be Prepared’

Phyllis Belezos (Booking Agent at International Talent Booking (ITB): ‘Booking Agents. How To Find Them. Why Use Them?’

Matthew Greer (ATC): ‘Artist Management. Who, What, Where, When, How and… Why?’

Mark Walker (Promoter at Kilimanjaro Live Ltd ( ‘Getting Gigs, Tours, Festival Appearances and Support Slots’

Nina Condron (Head of Business Development at Horus Music): ‘Distributing Your Music In Physical And Digital Formats’

Travis Beckford (A&R Manager at Sony Music): ‘How To Approach A&R Professionals in 2016 and Beyond’

NOTE: As this is a high-demand event with a limited amount of tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis, we highly recommend you get your ticket now. Don’t miss out.

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