Hopes for 2024 (Part 3): Industry execs share a positive message for the music industry

Hopes for 2024 (Part 3): Industry execs share a positive message for the music industry

A new year brings new purpose, and with it Music Week’s round-up of what some of the leading lights in the music industry are wishing for over the next 12 months (you can also read Part 1 and Part 2).

Here, we delve into the hopes and dreams of a range of leading names from across the business, including a focus on some of the positive achievements for the industry to date…

Charlotte Edgeworth, Sony Music UK

“I hope that the industry continues to be resilient, embrace change and adapt to our shifting environment, whether that’s social, cultural or technological.” 

Steve Homer, AEG Presents UK

“More bands. It’s time to get back in the garage and front rooms to create music together. I think there is a lot of fun to be had!”

Andrea Czapary Martin, PRS For Music

“Music is one of the UK’s greatest assets and should continue to be valued as such. My hope is that the industry can fuse the foundational and new digital worlds and ensure the fundamental principles of copyright are retained, respected and enforced. The integrity of human creativity must be protected, and also supported in continued growth, as we come to a greater understanding of AI.”

Joe Kentish, Warner Records

“My hope for 2024? Good weather for Glasto?!”

Vanessa Bosåen, Virgin Music UK

“In the past few years we’ve seen hyper-localisation, with territories across the world often immersed in local genres. We’re now seeing those genres spread, evolve and mix across borders at a greater speed than ever before. As music travels from continent to continent, but via new routes, the result will be sounds and musicality like we’ve never heard before. And personally, I can’t wait to hear it.”

Music is one of the UK’s greatest assets and should continue to be valued as such

Andrea Czapary Martin

Shaurav D’Silva, Stellar Songs

“I’m hoping for a resurgence of artist development at labels. The current climate of data and social media-driven signings is understandable, but the actual nurturing and growth of these artists is vital. They may start as talented musicians or content creators, but helping them form their artist vision requires patience, focus and real understanding.”

Isabel Garvey, Warner Music UK

“This year, I’d love to see more of our amazing UK artists break through to the international stage.”

Tim Major, Sony Music Publishing

“That music can continue to be a force for positivity and healing in a world that desperately needs it.”

Safiya Lambie-Knight, Spotify UK & Ireland

“The UK and Ireland have a great heritage of artists breaking out internationally, and we’ve seen artists like Central Cee and Fred Again.. really make an impact in the US and many other markets over the past 12 months. I hope we get to see more great artists break out and represent the UK and Ireland on an international level in 2024.”

Liz Northeast, FUGA

“Perhaps this is more blue-sky thinking, but as we strive to create more balance and more personal time, I’d really like to see how we can embrace AI as an industry, and not in the ‘Fake Drake’ kind of way. Can we leverage AI to give us some time back? It’s not about replacing people with AI, but rather creating more time for collaboration, creativity and strategy. And potentially even making time for a four-day working week.”

Silvia Montello, AIM

“I hope the growth in market share for UK independents continues and that AIM, in its 25th year, continues to serve the needs of our broad and brilliant sector through this accelerated period of industry evolution.”

Golnar Khosrowshahi, Reservoir

“I’m hoping for a dissipating fear of technology traded in for optimism, hope and unparalleled creativity.”

I’m hoping for a resurgence of artist development at labels

Shaurav D’Silva

Peter Leathem, PPL

“I was impressed during 2023 at how much more professional the music industry became at presenting its position to government, even if not everyone is in agreement on the way forward. My hope for this year is that we see that continue to grow – with everyone advocating for what they believe is needed, but with the best interests of the whole music community at heart.”

Jess Kangalee, Good Energy PR

“We, as an industry, are long past due taking active measures to abolish sexual assault and the culture that normalises sexual misconduct, threat and intimidation in music. It is incomprehensible and unjustifiable that these behaviours are still being condoned and perpetuated. My big hope for 2024 is that the music industry finally takes active steps to reform and address these issues head on.”

Esta Rae, AIM

“I would love the industry to see the benefits of the consultancy services that neurodivergent people like me offer. We want to help employers to help their neurodivergent employees. It’s so amazing when you know what people who are neurodivergent can do and the value they add to companies, once supported appropriately. There are neurodivergent artists, managers, content creators, A&Rs, marketing managers and more. It just needs to be continuously recognised that neurodivergence in the industry is on the rise. It needs to be a championed and supported area.”

Daisy Greenhead, Sony Music UK

“I hope we can dispel the misconceptions about the music industry. There are so many positive steps being taken, and it feels like those lazy stereotypes can dilute the amazing work that is happening. I’m not saying everything’s perfect, but I think there should be more recognition for the reforms that have happened so far.” 

Jamz Supernova, BBC Radio 6 Music

“I think it’s just about trying to find places of sustainability for people and for artists. To be able to live off your art is hard; it’s potentially the hardest it’s ever been. So much is happening in the world and there is a lot going on, but we need music, it helps us get through our days, to express ourselves. It’s cathartic. And for me personally, I want to do less but more. It’s about how I can streamline what I’m doing to create more impactful things for myself. That’s what I’m thinking about right now, the sustainability of things.” 

Helen Smith, IMPALA

“I have a few hopes for this year, namely a proper framework for AI, inclusive streaming reform and higher subscription prices, and the implementation of the Music Climate Pact. I also hope to see the USA adopt national public performance and terrestrial broadcast rights for labels and artists. It is the only country with a significant music economy that doesn’t have this basic protection.”

Saskhia Menendez, Keychange, The F List 

“My biggest hope for 2024 is to see more underrepresented and disadvantaged communities flourish and have successful careers, in both the performing and business side of the industry. We also need to map where the diversity is, as some sectors are much better than others. We need to collect more detailed information to get an accurate picture of where we are, so we can measure any improvements made over time.”

I hope we get to see more great artists break out and represent the UK and Ireland on an international level in 2024

Safiya Lambie-Knight

Bola Abioye, Universal Music Group

“My biggest hope is that the music industry continues to empower and inspire people from all walks of life and culture to work together, to prevent conflict and to promote peace!”

Paul Redding, Beggars Group

“I hope to see a collaborative approach to streaming reform, stable UK distribution and the industry coming together to reduce the environmental impact of the physical supply chain.”

Joanna Kalli, Sony Music Commercial Group

“That we stay focused on diversity and inclusion.”

Faron McKenzie, BBC Radio 1Xtra

“I would like to see more Black artists from the UK charting across the world and crossing over into different markets. I will probably always say this, but I’d also like to see more spaces, events and venues for live music – especially to discover new music and artists. That is why we love collaborating with BBC Introducing, who do incredible work, and we have big plans with them over the next 12 months.”

David Ventura, Sony Music Publishing

“I have been personally disappointed at how quiet the music industry has been surrounding the recent tragedies in world events. So my big hope would be for the industry to be more united than ever and have the capacity to speak up against hate and violence in any form.”

Liz Goodwin, Atlantic

“I’d like to see an overall industry shift away from commercial charts being one of the main measures of success for new and breakthrough artists – it would be great for us all to adopt a more diverse set of metrics together.”


“Our dream project would be doing a collaboration with Pharrell, because we are an alternative band. We’d love for Pharrell to come on board on our new project, which we are working on now!”


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